I spent Friday morning with Ms. Scott and three of her 6th grade literature classes.

The 6th grade classes are working on a literacy unit where they are discussing the "Rules to Live By," and I shared the rules I have lived by in my life.

We talked about me being the first McCombie to graduate from college, and my story of wanting to see a change in local and the state government and how it inspired me to run for Mayor of Savanna and then State Representative.

Trio of bills will increase job opportunities, provide stable economic growth, and make home ownership more affordable across the entire State of Illinois.

Springfield, IL - State Representative Tony McCombie (IL-71st) today filed three pieces of legislation, House Bills 5469, 5503, and 5736, creating the Economic Development for Illinois’ Future Legislative Package (EDIF) to restart Illinois’ sluggish economy and compete with neighboring states.

“Living and operating a small business near the Illinois–Iowa border gives me the opportunity to see the effects of jobs and businesses crossing the Mississippi River into Iowa all too often. The Economic Development for Illinois’ Future Legislative Package can reverse that trend and provide the economic growth vital to a healthy economy in Illinois,” said Rep. McCombie. “This package will incentivize both businesses and families to make Illinois their home. First time homebuyers will be given a small incentive to help make their first big investment, students will benefit by being trained in in-demand skilled high-paying manufacturing jobs, and businesses will be reimbursed for investing in the people they hire.”

HB 5469 provides for a tax credit of 25% of the Illinois labor expenditures made by a manufacturing company in order to foster job creation and retention in Illinois. The Department of Revenue will have the authority to award the tax credit to taxpayer-employers who apply for the credit and meet the labor expenditure criteria.

HB 5503 creates the ‘Illinois First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account Act.’ First-time homebuyers may open a first-time homebuyer savings account to pay or reimburse costs in connection with a qualified home purchase. Under this legislation, taxpayers will be allowed an annual credit for amounts deposited by the taxpayer into a first-time homebuyer savings account of up to $2,000 for individual taxpayers, and up to $4,000 for married taxpayers.

HB 5736 creates the ‘Employer and Community College Tax Credit’ to help address the skills gap by encouraging partnerships between employers and community colleges to develop certain job training programs.  This is achieved through a small but significant credit of 1.5% of the wages paid by the employer to a participating employee during the first year of the employee's participation in the program. The bill creates a win for employers, employees, and community colleges.

The three bills are currently waiting to be assigned to the appropriate House committees for further consideration. 
Luke Chandler, Chief Economist for Deere and Co. Speaks
Today my office had the opportunity to listen to the annual economic forecast put on by the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce. John Chandler, Chief Economist for John Deere, spoke about the local and national economic forecast for the next year. His speech was followed by a question and answer segment moderated by Don Doucette, chancellor of Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. A big topic of discussion was the new infrastructure projects, such as the I-74 bridge, that are being completed in the area. The panelists included: 
  • Bruce Berger, Director of Community Planning from Davenport
  • Chandler Poole, community and economic development director for Rock Island
  • Ray Forsythe, Moline planning director 
  • Tim Knanishu, Executive Director of REDEEM from East Moline
  • Liz Murray Tallman, chief economic development officer for the Quad-Cities Chamber
  • Decker Ploehn, Bettendorf City Administrator

At the forum, the first Quad-Cities Big Table event was also announced. The Big Table is a community wide event where 10-12 people each will gather around 500 tables in the Quad-Cities on April 20-21 and take part in conversations about how to make the community better.

Don Doucette, chancellor of Eastern Iowa Community Colleges leads panel discussion.

John Deere Dump Truck
John Deere Tractor

Savana… State Representative Tony McCombie (IL-71st) encourages residents of the 71st District to nominate veterans for HONOR 200.

“Illinois will be recognizing veterans and their contributions to their communities during the bicentennial celebration,” said Rep. McCombie. “This is another way people can recognize and say thank you for the contributions of our veterans. I gained an appreciation for our military when I was young, because I grew up and lived across the country as part of an Army family. The HONOR 200 program is a small way for the Illinois to give back to a community that has given so much”

The Bicentennial Veterans Program, HONOR 200 will recognize Veterans all across the state who go above and beyond serving their fellow veterans and their communities. In partnership with the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs HONOR 200 nominations can be submitted by mail or on-line at www.illinois.gov/veterans. The HONOR 200 veterans will be recognized during the Birthday Gala. For information on the Bicentennial and to find out how your community can participate go to www.illinois200.com. Nominations must be submitted no later than July 31, 2018

The Boeing Company is a Presenting Sponsor of the Illinois Bicentennial Veterans program and the Illinois Bicentennial HONOR 200 campaign.

To be taken directly to the complete nomination guidelines and the nomination form, use the link below:



On February 6th, Illinois Lieutenant Governor, Evelyn Sanguinetti, visited the Sauk Valley CEO program at the Whiteside Area Career Center (WACC) in Sterling. Sanguinetti spoke about her background and about the educational opportunities she recieved when she was younger. Those opportunities were crucial to her success. She then asked the students questions about the CEO program and encouraged them to use this great opportunity to set and reach future goals. She finished her visit by addressing a question regarding her goals to help Illinois become more business friendly.

Rep Mccombie joined business leaders and educators at Sauk Valley Community College to discuss some of the challenges and the economic state of District 71.