In 2022, the Illinois State Police (ISP) will celebrate its 100th Anniversary. In anticipation of the
anniversary, the ISP is hosting a logo design contest open to active ISP employees, retirees, and community members.

The 100th anniversary logo will be used in making commemorative stars, patches, car decals, letterhead, challenge coins, yearbook, apparel, web design, advertising, and collectible memorabilia.

For more information follow the link:

Rep. McCombie attended a press conference today to highlight the importance of investing in American jobs at Wahl’s global headquarters and manufacturing plant in Sterling. The event highlighted efforts by Wahl and Walmart to preserve and create American jobs and create value in the communities they serve. After the press conference, McCombie and Sen. Anderson toured the facility. Other speakers executives from Wahl and Walmart, Wahl employees and community partners.

Walmart recently announced its pledge to purchase $250 billion in products that support the creation of American jobs. The company will accomplish this goal by 2023 by working with suppliers, such as Wahl Clipper Corporation, to increase the amount of U.S. manufactured goods it purchases to help boost job opportunities in the domestic manufacturing sector. Wahl has been manufacturing products in Illinois for one hundred years and employs over 1,000 persons in Sterling. We hope you can join us to learn first-hand of our work in Sterling and its benefits to Illinois and the U.S. economy

215 1ST STREET  COLONA, IL 61241


405 E. 1ST STREET, MILAN, IL  61264

1317 3RD AVENUE, ROCK ISLAND, IL 61201      

411 BROAD ST, SABULA, IA 52070

600 ILLINI DR, SILVIS, IL  61282


Cordova… Last week, Representative Tony McCombie (Savanna) hosted an advisory committee on
local economic development with the mayors and economic development agencies of the district.

Rep. McCombie provided a quick legislative update regarding the unbalanced budget and growing unpaid bills passed over the summer, expanding Enterprise Zones, and tax credits incentive programs such as EDGE, River’s EDGE that were signed into law.

Major topics of discussion included budget cuts to PPRT (Personal Property Replacement Tax), MFT (Motor Fuel Tax) cuts, and county sales tax cuts. Local programs like the Tax Increment Finance (TIF) and the cost of continually having to do more with less were also addressed.  

“It is important to get feedback from community and economic development leaders in order to more effectively represent the constituents.  We had over 30 participants at the meeting and it was my goal to facilitate a place for them to network with each other and learn at least one thing that may help them locally,” said Rep. McCombie. “It is no secret that Illinois is facing some tough challenges, but together we do not have to face and overcome them alone. To promote regionalism, communities and organizations in Northwest Illinois should communicate and collaborate to better serve our residents and grow our local and regional economies.” 

In attendance was State Senator Neil Anderson (Rock Island), State Representative Dan Swanson (Alpha), nine mayors, including Rock Falls Mayor Bill Wescott the President of the Northwest Illinois Mayors Association, five city/county administrators, five local chambers, and representatives from ten other economic development agencies and tourism bureaus in the 71st District.

Residents of the 71st District can learn more about Rep. McCombie by visiting her website at or calling her legislative office at (815) 632-7384.

SAVANNA…Last week, State Representative Tony McCombie (IL-71st) signed on to become a chief co-sponsor of HB 3649 also known as the Debt Transparency Act.

The Debt Transparency Act would require all state agencies to disclose monthly the unpaid bills they are holding but have not yet sent to the Office of Comptroller. The current requirement is that state agencies must do this on an annual basis. The Debt Transparency Act puts an end to this inefficient and opaque process to truly determine the state’s financial debt and outlook.  

“I am proud to be a chief co-sponsor of this common sense solution. No household, business or local government could operate without knowing what bills they owe, and our state should not either” said McCombie. “Taxpayers across Illinois – who just saw a record 32% permanent income tax increase – deserve to know where their money is being spent and what it is being spent on.  I find it short sighted and irresponsible that this has not been the process all along.”

In addition, agencies must estimate the amount of late payment interest penalties incurred on these bills. The state’s Prompt Payment Act means a 1 percent per month penalty applies to unpaid bills even though they are currently unknown to the Comptroller. According to the Office of the Comptroller Illinois has $15.8 billion in unpaid bills and $800 million in interest has accrued on those outstanding bills.  

The Debt Transparency Act originally passed the Illinois House on a vote of 70-40 with the support of Rep. McCombie. The bill also passed the Senate on a vote of 37-16, but was vetoed over the summer.  HB 3649 will need 71 votes in the House and 36 in the Senate to overcome the veto to become law.


What a day in Fulton! 
I like to share where I visit so you can see and hear about the district with me! We are truly blessed to live in the best part of the state!
We started our day...

  • Coffee from The Steam Anchor
  • Visited and toured Company One
  • Visited and toured JT Cullen Company
  • Lunch at Krumpets with Brandi from the Fulton Chamber and Barb Mask
  • Popped in at The Fulton Meat Market to meet the new owner, Greg Anderson
  • Visited and toured Timken Drives
  • Visited and hiked through Wierenga’s Heritage Canyon
Today, we learned so much history and know from our area manufacturers that they are hiring and want to grow in Illinois!
Please be sure to visit their websites and join a family owned business team that cares about developing relationships and American Made products!

My Office had over 100 submissions to our photo contest. It was a very difficult decision to come to winner! Congratulations to Beth from Fulton for taking the winning photo!

First Place: Submitted by Beth of Fulton

Runner Up: Submitted by Beth of Fulton 
Runner Up: Submitted by Jay of Albany

Runner Up: Submitted by Juliene of Savanna

Runner Up: Submitted by Steven of Morrison

Runner Up: Submitted by Bill of Rock Falls

Dixon… State Representatives Tom Demmer (R-Dixon), Tony McCombie (R-Savanna), and Brian Stewart (R-Freeport) urged prayers and community awareness following a brutal attack on a DCFS Child Protective Investigator at a child welfare check on Friday, September 29th in Carroll County.

The three legislators offered the following statement today:

“This tragic attack highlights the dangers faced by our child welfare officers every day and the profound need to continue to educate communities on eliminating violence, especially domestic violence.  Along with our fellow legislators, we offer our prayers to the family of the DCFS Investigator, as well as to her co-workers and fellow employees who are saving lives in Illinois’ child welfare system every day.  This is terribly frightening and traumatizing for all of our hardworking Child Protective Investigators, but this incident shows how important their work is in protecting children from violence and harm.”