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State Representative Tony McCombie (IL-71st) announced she is joining 43 of her House Republican colleagues by co-sponsoring HJRCA 10.  Implementation of this constitutional amendment will take the shady redistricting process out of the control of corrupt politicians.

“The time of politicians picking their constituents must come to an end. Communities are being divided under the current mapping process. Voters are being manipulated, and their voices are not fairly heard,” said Rep. McCombie. “I look forward to working with the newly elected Governor and my colleagues in the legislature to pass this Constitutional Amendment. Governor Pritzker has stated more than once, that he supports an independent commission. I plan to hold him to his promise to veto any map that is gerrymandered along partisan lines.”

HJRCA 10 would establish an independent commission, comprised of 11 members, charged with proposing a legislative map. The commission would be required to hold public hearings both before and after releasing a proposed plan.

The map would need to receive the affirmative vote of at least seven commissioners, including two from each political party whose candidate for Governor received the most and second-most votes and two commissioners not affiliated with each such political party.

The Constitutional Amendment provides a provision allowing the Supreme Court to intervene if the commission fails to adopt a new map by June 30 of the year following the decennial census.

In a tweet on January 10, Governor Pritzker said, “I 100% oppose gerrymandering. Legislative districts should adhere to both the Federal and Illinois Voting Rights Acts, and I support redistricting reform that advances fairness and removes politics from the process. #FairMapsIL”

A November 9, 2018 Chicago Tribune article wrote, “In discussing his support for fair maps earlier this year, Pritzker stated, ‘We should amend the (Illinois) constitution to create an independent commission to draw legislative maps.’ And there is no reason to doubt his support of reform as genuine. Pritzker gave $50,000 to the 2014 fair maps initiative, throwing his support behind such an initiative long before he ran for governor.”

Rep. McCombie honored the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. while celebrating the life the legacy of Martin Luther King JR with community leaders of today at the MLK Center in Rock Island. The keynote address was given by Pastor Darryl Keith Thompson. Congratulations to the 2019 "I Have a Dream" Award Recipient, Brandy Donaldson. Thank you to all the community leaders and attendees for a wonderful event.
Reps. McCombie and Chesney visited President Tim Hood and Christina Kuberski, Exec. Vice President to learn about Highland Community College on Thursday. 

The Illinois CPA Society Points Out What’s Different in 2019 

CHICAGO, January 15, 2019 – As a new tax season gets underway, the Illinois CPA Society has a rundown of changes to take note of before preparing your upcoming tax returns. Key need-to-know details include:

New tax season start date: The IRS announced it will begin processing tax returns on Monday, January 28. It also said tax refunds will be issued on a regular schedule, despite the year starting with a partial shutdown of the federal government.

New Form 1040: The IRS recently unveiled a newly designed, shorter Form 1040. Originally described as a “postcard-sized” tax form, the new Form 1040 has been shortened from 79 to 23 lines and replaces previous versions of the 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ.

For those using do-it-yourself tax software or online services to prepare and e-file federal and state tax returns, make sure they are compatible with the new form. The federal information that applies to your state taxes may come from a new line number on the shortened 1040. For detailed filing instructions from the IRS, please click here.

New tax return schedules: Many of the items that used to be reported on the 1040 have now moved to six new schedules that may accompany your return.

Schedule 1: Additional Income and Adjustments to Income – including business income, capital gains and losses
Schedule 2: Tax – including the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and taxes on a dependent child’s unearned income or “kiddie tax”
Schedule 3: Nonrefundable Credits – including credits for child and dependent care and education

Schedule 4: Other Taxes – including the Net Investment Income Tax as well as healthcare coverage (the individual mandate) and the Additional Medicare Tax

Schedule 5: Other Payments and Refundable Credits – including estimated tax payments and amounts paid with a tax filing extension request

Schedule 6: Foreign Address and Third-Party Designee – including lines for taxpayers to list any foreign addresses or third-party designees who may discuss a tax filer’s return with the IRS

These new numbered schedules do not replace existing lettered schedules that many taxpayers are familiar with. Forms such as Schedule A, B, C, D, E and F are still being used and additional guidance is available at this IRS web link.

New deduction levels and limits: Two big changes that were ushered in by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impact both standard and itemized deductions. While previous standard deduction levels were raised, new caps have been placed on certain itemized deductions.

New standard deductions – Levels have been raised to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for couples. Child credits have also been raised to $2,000 per child.
New itemized deduction rules – State and local tax deductions are capped at $10,000, which may be far lower than many taxpayers are used to. And miscellaneous itemized deductions can no longer be deducted.

About the Illinois CPA Society
The Illinois CPA Society, with more than 24,500 members, is one of the largest state CPA societies in the nation. Our mission is dedicated to enhancing the value of the CPA profession through the strategic initiatives of advocacy, information, education and connections.
SPRINGFIELD….State Representative Tony McCombie (IL-71st) today filed House Bill 367, common sense legislation that will effectively target gun dealers who have proven to be the “bad actors” on the same day Governor Pritzker signed unnecessary legislation into law. Governor Pritzker signing SB337 into law threatens the livelihood of current law abiding gun dealers and does nothing to promote public safety in Illinois.

“We should be focusing our efforts on causes and laws that already exists. My legislation will effectively target gun-dealers who are making it easier for criminals to illegally acquire firearms. I am a protector of the 2nd Amendment and believe we must have rational approaches that will put our safety and the people of Illinois first,” said Rep. McCombie. “Last week, Governor Pritzker extended his hand in a show of bipartisanship and I was cautiously optimistic. Legislatively, signing this bill is a bad beginning and will have unintended consequences. Burying the law abiding firearm dealers in paperwork, increasing their fees and taxes may put them out of business and could increase the illegal sales of weapons. This legislation does nothing to create a safer Illinois.”

House Bill 367 states, if and only, Senate Bill 337 becomes law, the Firearm Dealer License Certification Act would apply only to Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs) who have been found by the federal or state government to have three or more firearms used in the commission of criminal offenses sold or transferred by the licensee within 5 years prior to the application for certification.

This legislation would protect law abiding FFLs by concentrating efforts on stopping those that are not adhering to the current laws. According to the 2017 Gun Trace Report, there are two source dealers, Chuck’s Gun Shop (Riverdale, IL) and Midwest Sporting Goods (Lyons, IL), who are the retail source of more than one in ten crime guns recovered in Chicago.

Rep. McCombie spoke to the 6th grade class at Morrison Junior High about the "Rules to Live By."